Director of People Operations & Inclusion

Jacqueline Foradori is the Business Operations Manager of Locomation, Inc. Prior to joining Locomation she was the Business Office Manager at GTL. She has had excellent opportunities working in various industries from accounting to franchising businesses; software development and process improvement; and human resources and business operations. The latter has allowed her to develop skills and knowledge of working in both small and large organizations with a wide variety of customers both locally and internationally. She has been afforded a wide array of duties and responsibilities in different aspects of each organization. Ms. Foradori studied French for International Business at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and completed her studies in France with the opportunity to study abroad at the Université de Nancy in Nancy, France. When she returned to the Pittsburgh area, she then obtained a Master’s in Professional Leadership and a Master’s in Business Administration from Carlow University. Ms. Foradori is also an active member of the community for several years, and is passionate about the community and city she lives in. She currently serves on the board of Pittsburgh Young Professionals (PYP) as 2020 President.

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