Chief Commercial Officer

Glynn Spangenberg officially entered the trucking industry in 1973 when he earned the Truck Transportation Merit Badge as a Boy Scout, interning at Matlack Trucking, and later working his way through college as a lumper, hand-loading trailers with cases of manufactured wine bottles. Today, Glynn is an active member of the American Trucking Associations and the Truckload Carriers Association where he serves on numerous boards and committees that are helping to define the future of trucking.

Since his post-collegiate days, he has been on the tip of the spear in launching some of the most revolutionary new trucking technology with companies like:

• Comdata Corporation, which successfully leapfrogged Western Union in the cash advance and fuel payments market in the ’80’s;

• EDS Corporation, where he introduced the first commercial pay-at-the-pump fuel card technology to Pilot Travel Centers in the early ’90’s;

• QUALCOMM, which revolutionized the trucking industry by delivering real-time two-way satellite tracking and communications;

• Trimble, where as President of Transportation & Logistics Innovations he illustrated and copyrighted the first mirrorless truck concept that he termed “Smart Mirror“.

Glynn is also the principle architect of the nation’s first successful FMCSA mirrorless truck regulatory exemption request, which was granted December 27, 2018.

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