Sean Rushton Will Direct The Autonomous Trucking Technology Firm’s Media RELATIONS and Brand Development ARM

PITTSBURGH, PA — Locomation, the world’s first trucking technology platform to offer human-guided autonomous convoying, announced today that Sean Rushton, the former Communications Director at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will lead the firm’s Corporate Communications.

“We are pleased to have Sean join Locomation to help us convey our unique story,” said company co-founder and CEO Dr. Çetin Meriçli. “This is a critical moment in the company’s journey as we begin deploying our first phase, Autonomous Relay Convoys (ARC), on the development path to fully autonomous trucks.”

“I’m delighted to join Locomation which has established a clear, practical path towards near-term implementation of its autonomous trucking technology,” Rushton said. “The convoying concept is safe and achievable in the near term, and will allow trucking companies to move more freight faster, cleaner, and at a lower cost.”

Locomation’s proprietary Autonomous Relay Convoy™ technology, which moves two trucks with one human on-duty driving, is expected to produce an estimated 30% or more reduction in truck operating cost per mile, 8% reduction in fuel expense, increase in freight density of 2x per lane, and remove 42 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the air per tractor annually. By starting with convoying on the path to full automation, Locomation’s technology provides near-term value for the customer while ensuring a stable development path for higher levels of automation moving forward.

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