Locomotion Video Transcript



Autonomous trucking is a historic opportunity and Locomation gives you an entire portfolio of turnkey solutions to grab.

First, our autonomous relay convoy or ARC technology allows a human driver to pilot a lead truck while a follower truck operates in a two-truck convoy through a linked fully autonomous driving system allowing the second driver to clock off. By switching leaders intermittently the convoy can operate continuously up to 22 hours per day.

Second, our autonomous relay network helps you identify and select routes that will best meet your customers needs to maximize efficiency and increase profitability. The information we provide opens up vast new freight opportunities that have been optimized for autonomy.

Third, our digital transportation system features a suite of proprietary tools and resources to enable you to efficiently execute your autonomous truck service at full operational strength. The ARC system will cut annual operating costs by 30%, increase equipment utilization by 130% and increase driver utilization by 250 %. On top of all that, it will eliminate more than 60 metric tons of carbon dioxide per tractor annually and improve the quality of life for drivers by getting them to their home base at night, improving their safety and their sleep time. If you’re ready to start re-engineering your supply chain for autonomy contact us today to schedule a demonstration visit locomation.ai for more information.

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