Çetin Meriçli. Thanks for joining us tonight. As we gather around to say a few words, and make a very, very exciting announcement.


With those words, Dr. Çetin Meriçli, co-founder and CEO of Locomation, a leading provider of autonomous trucking technology solutions announced an eight-year agreement with Christenson Transportation, a top mid-sized transportation provider.

The announcement was made at the Truckload Carriers Association annual conference in Las Vegas, in the fast changing business of moving goods around the country. The name of the game is capacity for Christenson. The agreement will help boost the carrier’s fleet capacity, as it deploys Locomation’s autonomous truck technology.



Christenson will begin to restructure its operating model using Locomation’s turnkey solution to get these trucks running upwards of 20 plus hours a day, and then deploy 500 Autonomous Relay Convoy or ARC systems on Autonomous Relay Network segments.


Don Christenson

Without a doubt, we believe we picked the perfect partner for Christenson Transportation to bring autonomy to the future in a way that it doesn’t have to be a negative for our driving force. It’s a positive impact. It’s a quality of life for our drivers.



Built on Locomation’s freight optimization system, Christenson hopes to increase its capacity by 52%, reduce empty miles by 50%, and improve fuel efficiency by 18%. The impact of increased loaded miles and 30% reduced operating cost is expected to increase Christenson’s market share on the lanes they operate on and with significant reduction in GHG emissions for their shipper customers, the deal promises to be a win-win for everyone.

Locomation has previously signed contracts with Wilson Logistics and PGT Trucking. Both operators are seizing the technology moment using Locomation’s Autonomous Relay Convoy system, or ARC. This advanced technology enables a carrier to safely operate two trucks up to 22 hours a day. Carriers have the ability to harvest a substantial portion of such opportunities, Starting Now.


Don Christenson

We’ve got real estate already in place to start. When Locomation is ready, we’ll be ready. Not only do we think we’ll be a hundred percent Locomation autonomous vehicles within the next few years, but believe we’ll be able to grow our fleet, improve the quality of life for our drivers and capacity for our customers, which is what we looked for in all partners.



The road ahead for autonomous trucking, we’ll see some detours, but Locomation is drawing the map for what’s around the next bend with each mile logged new products and the increasing number of carriers coming on board with Locomation’s technology. Meriçli believes the future of autonomous trucking is looking bright.


Çetin Meriçli

Just like Wilson Logistics and PGT are true innovators poised to become leaders in the race to implement a supply chain custom built for autonomous trucks and to take their efficiency, profits and JG emissions reduction to a whole new level.

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