Early adopters consider the qualities needed in an autonomous truck operator


Locomation is working with carriers to understand the positive impact that the Autonomous Relay ConvoySM (ARC) system will have on their existing driver workforce, enabling them to integrate this revolutionary technology into their daily operations.

The pair of tractors that make up the ARC operationally look like “team” drivers to many carriers, just without the burden of a shared cabin space. Enabling drivers to operate from fixed relay points, Locomation will have a game-changing impact on the quality of life for drivers by providing them with fixed schedules, static routes and dependable operations.

“We believe this turns the driving job into a more regular, safer, higher paying and more respected position,” said CEO Darrel Wilson of Wilson Logistics. “This leads to a higher quality of life for the driver, on and off the road, by elevating their work-life balance.”

Locomation’s customers — including PGT Trucking and Wilson Logistics — are planning for the future now. These companies are making decisions around several facets of the ARC landscape, including:

  • How they are developing their ARC driver selection process,
  • How they see ARC integrating with their current operations,
  • And the benefits ARC will have for their drivers’ quality of life.

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