Practical Autonomous Trucking for Today

Combining Autonomy & Driver Augmentation for a Safer & More Profitable Future

Our Goals


Driven by decades of robotics and AI experience, we’ve designed a system intended to eliminate all truck-caused traffic accidents and make driving fun again for the professional truck driver.

More Profitable

Locomation is a force multiplier: empowering one driver to manage two trucks while improving the driver experience through technology augmentation.

Full Autonomy + Driver Augmentation

Inside the Autonomous Relay Convoy™



Two drivers in two separate trucks depart an urban depot

Once on the highway, one truck assumes the lead role while the other follows

With the lead driver augmented by Locomation’s technology platform, the follow truck engages full autonomy so that the driver can clock out and rest

Periodically the lead truck swaps with the follow truck to alternate driver resting periods